It was a sunny February day today, so Margaux and I went outside. I put on her new converse shoes from Uncle Kelly and I cannot believe how old she looked! I almost couldn't handle it, wondering how she got so big. When did it happen!? Thankfully she still has no hair, and looks a bit like a giant baby.

She went up and down the stairs over and over again (going down with my help). Every once in a while she plopped down on her bottom onto the wet ground but didn't seem to mind. We walked around and she picked up leaves, and followed kitty around the front.

It is so fun getting to know her in knew ways, seeing her world open up... but I do miss my baby Margaux. I can see how having babies becomes addicting, it is so special. I love this stage right now and every day I notice her doing something knew. She is a chatter box now, walking around and chattering. It's so cute.


Christmas time is here...

I'm loving Christmas here at our Love Cabin. 
It's so fun to see M enjoying it all, her first Christmas. We had to move all the ornaments up out of reach, she and kitty are a bad combination. Here are some photo's of our cozy place.

I think there was one Christmas where we did gifts, but all the others we haven't. 
This is another year where we don't do gifts, and I don't even mind! 
Not to be cheesy, but M is our gift this year. There is hours of entertainment watching her. She makes us so happy!

...and a photo from last Christmas-


Baby Names

A cup of Jo's blog post today got me thinking about baby names. I have an ongoing list of names that I come across and write them down. I've been working on this list for years now! Margot was on the list ever since The Royal Tenenbaums came out. We decided on a different spelling -AUX because it seemed more sophisticated and sexy. It's also pretty awesome that her first and last name end with an X. I always loved the -OT but felt it was more cutesy and was afraid of people saying MAR-GOT.

I have always loved the von Trapp family names.
(Especially the girls)



9 months.

It's time for me to start this again. 

I finally graduated from nursing school in August and have a lot more time on my hands. It has been a long time coming, and I can't believe I am a nurse now! It feels amazing to be done with school and I get to be home with my little Margaux which is the best part. 

She is perfect. Chubby, happy, sweet, observant, intentional, funny... 


Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day. I have a whole new appreciation for it, and for all that mother's do. I now understand the fierce and unconditional love of mother's, and I am so excited for this journey ahead of me with Margaux!

We went to the park with the Knox family and had a picnic. It was such a nice day, a lot of people out, and a bunch of kids playing in the fountain. 

Tonight, the five of us kids are going to take my mom out to the Matador. I'm looking forward to a hands free night with a Margarita!


The last year.

It has been a very long time since I have blogged! In a nutshell, the last year has been life changing... I became pregnant, got extremely sick and had to be hospitalized (more about that another time), continued nursing school, and had a baby! 

We are so in love with this little lady. 
She goes by Margaux Rae.
She was born on 2.11.12
She weighed 8 lbs 6 oz.



I love all things Pantone.
I have the tooth brushes and a mug, and would love a Pantone chair
If Royal and I had a halloween party to go to this year we were going to be Pantone colors (we will do it next year!).
Today I was browsing Tattly, and I saw this temporary tattoo! I love it!!

Clever, 5K1 N (skin).


pretty colors, pretty dress

i always wanted a gap between my teeth

gaw, Margot!