Clyde Common

The Clyde Common, a restaurant Royal and I have recently fallen in love with. Our experience there was perfect. The meal began with marcona almonds (the R & E staple), and rabbit liver pate. Royal ordered smoked rainbow trout, creme fraiche, pickled onion and buttered bread, with a shot of aquavit, which was all assembled beautifully on a block of wood. I ordered ravioli of sweetbreads, bacon, and carmelized onion. At the time I didn't know what sweetbreads were... I now know, and well... I wouldn't be so quick to order it again. Needless to say, we enjoyed a wonderful meal together with a romantic atmosphere. We look forward to coming here again, and next time we will be drinking a French absinthe! To give you a better feel for the place, here are some pictures that I got from their website.

Insert me here...

This is an image right out of my mind! I have thought about hanging my polaroid collection on a wire like this, and I now know it looks great! The flowers are some of my favorite as well. I can picture myself in that chair every morning, pondering what a wonderful life I have.