Wedding Blog Love

Our wedding was in July and since then I've been swarmed with links of bloggers from all over the place saying such nice things about our wedding.

If you didn't know, before my wedding all I did was look at wedding blogs and felt like I got to know the brides featured. I can't describe the feeling I get when I see OUR WEDDING on these blogs! It makes me so happy to know that maybe I will inspire a bride out there in the blogosphere, like they inspired me.

Here's some wedding love links!

My write up on East Side Bride

Elizabeth Dye, from the English Dept. (where I got my dress).



I have no words to describe the French macaron. Once you bite into one you will understand...

A delectable Parisian treat made of two almond meringue cookies put together with a buttercream filling!

I've been loving these macarons for quite some time now. I've finally had it! I am going to make my own. This is the week!

Pix Patisserie is having a day dedicated to the celebration of the French macaron this month. They are going to have thirty different flavors of macarons to try, a macaron walk, a bunch of "macaron" prizes, and my favorite- a contest to come up with a new macaron flavor. I've tried Lavender, Passion Fruit, Margarita with salt, Kaffir Lime, Fleur de Sel Caramel...

My ideas for new flavor's are:
Burnt Sugar
Anise Fig
Chocolate Cumin