I have no words to describe the French macaron. Once you bite into one you will understand...

A delectable Parisian treat made of two almond meringue cookies put together with a buttercream filling!

I've been loving these macarons for quite some time now. I've finally had it! I am going to make my own. This is the week!

Pix Patisserie is having a day dedicated to the celebration of the French macaron this month. They are going to have thirty different flavors of macarons to try, a macaron walk, a bunch of "macaron" prizes, and my favorite- a contest to come up with a new macaron flavor. I've tried Lavender, Passion Fruit, Margarita with salt, Kaffir Lime, Fleur de Sel Caramel...

My ideas for new flavor's are:
Burnt Sugar
Anise Fig
Chocolate Cumin

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