My eyes are set on Friday

I'm in the process of retaking my English 102 class, the first time I got THE dreaded C and I know I can get an A. Somehow I got a 97% on the final paper which is super good, but still got a C in the class, I think it's because it was my first online class. The class is based on writing one long research paper and for some reason this time I chose a difficult topic- health care reform. This topic has been so hard! I've been putting the paper off for quite some time now, and it's due Friday which is in one. two. days. The hard part is I still don't even know where I stand on health care. This research was way harder then my first paper because we all know Whale Poaching is not a good idea, but Health Care... what's the right answer?

I have 6 pages done, 6 more to write so wish me lots of discipline! Friday this will all be behind me and I will enjoy my winter break with no paper looming over me. I have Winter quarter to look forward to, I'm taking Pastry Art. Meringues, custards, cremes, choux paste... I'm on my way to doing something I have always dreamed of, being a baker!

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