I'm looking for some artwork to hang in our new apartment.

 I like the posters on this site, especially this one because The National is one of our favorite bands.

We are packing tomorrow, and moving the next day. I've already cried a couple times over leaving this precious place. We have so many memories here. I guess I feel like when we leave, the memories will be lost and that chapter in our life will be closed.

I just have to remember that the memories have been good because Royal and I are who we are, and that will follow us wherever we go.


 Strolling down memory lane, I searched Google Maps to find the house I lived at in Australia. 27 Valencia St! So happy I found it!

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The Knox Sunday

Such a good Sunday!

Wandered around Portland.

$6.40 for this meal, we had them split it and we each got this! Such a good deal, this should become a staple. I didn't know the bakery sold pizza dough and pie crusts, I definitely will try them.
(sorry the bread is the only thing in focus, we are still learning to use my lens.)

On our way to Ristretto Roasters we ran into this across the street,

Lodekka- a double decker dress shop.
We went to Ink & Peat, and Canoe. Two shops we love but cannot afford.

When we thought our day could not get any better, we hopped on over to Bunk Bar, and while we were eating our incredible sandwiches I looked over and saw Michael Cera walk by! There wasn't very many people there and Michael Cera was in a band setting up. Fun surprise!

I had to do it.

It was time. I had to cave, and put up decorations. I got a spurt of energy the other night, and even though I was feeling so sick, I pushed through and decorated our place.

I wanted to surprise Royal, so I had to finish super fast. I don't know how I did it but the ideas came like flashes of lightning and bam! it was decorated. I'm actually proud of what I came up with because I didn't really have anything to work with.

Royal came home and he was so happy! Now our stressed moods have been lifted and we have some Christmas spirit in our apartment.
I went with an old fashioned theme.

My brain: " Jar. Candle. Candle in jar. Bows... Bows on jar? No tape... Jar in bigger jar, drop bows in!"



There is no sign of Christmas here in our love cabin this year... Sad, I know. We just have to much going on, and instead of pulling things out we need to be packing things up. To make myself feel better, here are some photo's of our place last year.

December to Remember

I have been sick for quite some time now, and my sickness went spiraling down, so I finally went to the doctor and found out I have strep. This is nice to know since I had a million different symptoms... none that would point me to strep. Now I have antibiotics and I can heal up!

Royal and I have been calling this month December to remember. I start nursing school in January so have been stressed out of my mind trying to get documents in order; I've had 6 immunizations, 5 vials of blood drawn, a flu vaccine that went awry, and have probably been on hold for a total of 2 hours trying to get this all together...

I got threatened by my school through 3 emails I did not receive that I would be dropped from the program if I didn't prove I was immune to Hep B. Come to find out I am a non-converter to Hep B which means my body will never be immune. Of course my school would like me to start the series of 3 shots over again just to make sure that I am. In fact. A non-converter. DUN DUN DUN. Will it ever end?
To top it off, Royal is interviewing for a new job, and we randomly decided that we are moving. This month. Both of us have mixed emotions about the move. It's a really cute place, perfect for what we need in the next 6 months. Dishwasher, washer and dryer, a bedroom, proper heating, new remodeling...But our heart breaks to leave our first place, the loyal love cabin studio. 

Enough about all that!

Today I was checking Paris' weather on my iPhone (it's one of my default cities), and noticed it might snow. I told Royal how badly I wanted to be looking out my window from my Parisian apartment seeing the view of the Eiffel Tower covered in snow. I stumbled upon this.