December to Remember

I have been sick for quite some time now, and my sickness went spiraling down, so I finally went to the doctor and found out I have strep. This is nice to know since I had a million different symptoms... none that would point me to strep. Now I have antibiotics and I can heal up!

Royal and I have been calling this month December to remember. I start nursing school in January so have been stressed out of my mind trying to get documents in order; I've had 6 immunizations, 5 vials of blood drawn, a flu vaccine that went awry, and have probably been on hold for a total of 2 hours trying to get this all together...

I got threatened by my school through 3 emails I did not receive that I would be dropped from the program if I didn't prove I was immune to Hep B. Come to find out I am a non-converter to Hep B which means my body will never be immune. Of course my school would like me to start the series of 3 shots over again just to make sure that I am. In fact. A non-converter. DUN DUN DUN. Will it ever end?
To top it off, Royal is interviewing for a new job, and we randomly decided that we are moving. This month. Both of us have mixed emotions about the move. It's a really cute place, perfect for what we need in the next 6 months. Dishwasher, washer and dryer, a bedroom, proper heating, new remodeling...But our heart breaks to leave our first place, the loyal love cabin studio. 

Enough about all that!

Today I was checking Paris' weather on my iPhone (it's one of my default cities), and noticed it might snow. I told Royal how badly I wanted to be looking out my window from my Parisian apartment seeing the view of the Eiffel Tower covered in snow. I stumbled upon this.

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