I am dying to be somewhere warm

I keep stumbling upon pictures of places where the warm sun shines. I would give anything to be in Tulum right now. I also have a rental picked out in Portugal on the sea. My graduation is too far away to wait...

From here

Found via Happenstance

She looks really great, and so effortless at the same time. 
I would love to have her hairstyle, but this could never be effortless for me.

Rachel McAdams from Marie Claire



Valentine's Day has me thinking about my favorite "gentleman" candles.

I like to find candles that aren't super fruity or girly, something you would find in a man's den.

Voluspa has some good ones, I just ran out of Suede Blanc- Buttery soft sueded leather and rich cedar.

Warm Perique Tabac sounds good, antique leather and worn wooden floors.


I found some earrings on Etsy by uppermetalclass. Turns out they are from Portland, so I'm going to see if I can get find them in a store here.

I never wear earrings, I like the idea of them but for some reason they have to be super simple. I'm drawn to one's like these.
They have some perfect simple necklaces too.


The National

I'm trying to decide on a poster from The National. These are my favorite.


Kitty's bad day

Poor little Zissou is having a bad day. He's showing signs that he may have a cold and some other intestinal issues so I am taking him to the vet tonight. 

To top it off, I was cooking on the stove and pulled my pan off the burner, then here comes kitty charging into the kitchen and sprung onto the stove. I pushed him off as fast as I could because he landed on the burner I was just using. 

Luckily he didn't burn his paws or skin (skin? fur?), but he singed his whiskers on both sides and the hair under his mouth. Poor little guy!

He's taking it easy now, little does he know soon we have to pack up for a trip to the vet.