I came across this video of making clothing dye out of natural products, like strawberries. Today I plan to go thrifting and find a white piece (hopefully a lightweight blouse like hers) that I will dye, probably with strawberries because I love the pink.

video from DailyCandy found via Darling Dexter
Find more about Audrey Louise Reynolds at this NY Times article. She seems pretty rad!


Booby Beanie

Such a clever idea, a booby baby beanie!
From etsy.

While on the subject of nursing, I love this photo. I am not a mother, but when I become one I plan to find the perfect balance of tastefully nursing in public (no pun intended).
 Photo by Michal Rubin found via A CUP OF JO


Oh Mandy!

So dreamy, so killing.
It's been a while since I've heard this song, here they play it somewhere in France.
I think we should start calling things "so killing". I wish someone would refer to me as "so killing".


My dad was born here. This would be nice to have hanging up.

I can't live without it.

 It's just so perfect.
One side "Loved", the other side, 2 diamonds.