Pools make everything better

If you know me well, you know that I love pools.
I love them.
Countless times I tried to talk my mom into buying me a pool when I was a little girl (we lived north of northern CA).
When driving by the new library construction, I told Royal they should put a pool on the roof. I was dead serious, how much better would a library be with a rooftop pool!?

This pool took my breath away.
 ...along with this perfect home, it's like they opened up my soul and my dream house spilled out.
I could really see this pool going with our future container home.
From here.

Dip and Cut

If I had more time on my hands, i.e. if I wasn't in nursing school, I would like to spend more time crafting. I found curbly, a DIY blog and fell in love with some of their featured crafts. 

I have seen many crafts that use paint chips and love the ideas, but this is by far my favorite. I think I can squeeze this craft in somewhere, we need some art in our new place. She thought of it.

These spoons are similar to the moma spoons from an earlier post I put on my Christmas list (and didn't get). Tutorial.

Baskets dipped in paint! Find the Martha tutorial here.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with baskets... 
Growing up my mom loved baskets and plants, and more often than not, she combined the two. I always complained that we had too many and that I shouldn't be able to sit in any part of our home and be able to see 10 baskets filled with plants. 
Later on in life when I didn't live with my mom, I became fond of her basket/plant combos because she took such good care of the plants and they were all older than me. I even got teary eyed once when she threw away a plant that she got with my dad who passed 23 years ago (she took it a bit farther and made sure to poke holes in the garbage bag so it could breathe...). 
All that to say that there is now a soft spot for baskets in my life, and maybe I'll just have to do this craft and fill them with some plants!


Show off that waist...

I am currently looking for that perfect high-waisted bikini. Anthropologie already sold out of the one I wanted, but here are some other great finds.

The top three are from anthropologie, and the last one which I think is my favorite is from Topshop.
I know the suit is out there!


Alexa Meade

What you don't know is...

...Alexa Meade paints acrylic directly on physical surfaces like people and objects to give photographs the effect of a painting on canvas. 


drug store finds

One of my favorite things to do is browse the beauty section in drug stores. I find it very relaxing, and it's something I can do when I'm alone and bored (or when I'm studying and need a break). I always come out with something!
I recently came across Commander in Chic and Nude Now nail polishes by Sally Hansen. I love them, and am surprised at how creamy they are. I even like them better than essie brand... You can buy them here, but I suggest actually going into a store and make a relaxing trip out of it.

Recently on a cup of jo, her friend had some nail stick-on's that look so good! I normally am not into glittery polish but I think I'm starting to feel it. You can buy on beauty.com as well.

I would love to find a blog that reviewed drug store finds (by someone I trust of course). I am in the search for a good dusty pink matte lipstick, but don't really want to spend the cash at the makeup counters, so I guess I have to start trying the drugstore!



Loving these two completely different braid styles.
From Vanessa Jackman street style blog.


Lets just say that I am typing away on something lighter than air... 
 First things first, photo booth :)
Zissou is looking forward to more quality time with the Dell who lets off a lot more heat then the macbook.

Steamer Cruises

Oceania Cruises has come out with a new ship, the Marina. I haven't been too interested in taking a cruise because I imagine them being like a trashy casino that floats, with buffet style food... BUT I love the water, and even more, I love boats! The Marina was described as "fit for an Old Hollywood screen set" in Travel & Leisure's article, and from the photo's it looks like a vintage steam boat (just huge of course). The deck has a heated saltwater pool, the activities include cooking and art classes, and the restaurants are full of world class chefs like Jacques Pepin. I NEED to go on this cruise, it just needs to happen. It sails Northern Europe in the summer, the Mediterranean in the fall, and the Caribbean in the winter. I think I would stay on it all year. A 10 day itinerary is from $1,499 (including airfare). 

To get in a "sailing around the Mediterranean in the Fall wearing amazing boat clothes" mood, I suggest watching "The Brothers Bloom".
See, look...
photo from here.

(The vintage steamer from the movie is for sale!)



Saw Hanna last night, it was unbelievable! Best movie I have seen in a long time. Saoirose Ronan does an amazing job at her role. I definitely recommend to go see it.


I always go back and forth on jeans... One season I'm thinking that I should stop buying denim and only wear trousers, khaki's, plaids... Currently I'm thinking I want to simplify my wardrobe and just wear denim with solids and simple shoes. 
I love how simple Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin look, found here.
I think Jane Birkin is my style icon, as far as looks goes. Not a big fan of all the nudey shots, but I really like the way her and Serge look together. They remind me of Royal and I.
They have such a cute family.



I love these surf images by Michael Dweck.

I'm in the market for a wetsuit for Royal, and possibly a long board. It's time to start surfing and embrace that we only live 2 hours away from the ocean (albeit a cold one). 
Wouldn't these photo's be perfect to frame?


Thin is in.

I'm getting a macbook air this weekend! Every time I see one I am obsessed with how thin it is, it's a sexy machine! Plus it weighs nothing, and my dell just isn't doing it for me anymore. AND we are getting a good deal on it. Now my homework is going to be thrilling to do! Yep, I just called homework thrilling. 

Things are looking up for me.

photo found here.