drug store finds

One of my favorite things to do is browse the beauty section in drug stores. I find it very relaxing, and it's something I can do when I'm alone and bored (or when I'm studying and need a break). I always come out with something!
I recently came across Commander in Chic and Nude Now nail polishes by Sally Hansen. I love them, and am surprised at how creamy they are. I even like them better than essie brand... You can buy them here, but I suggest actually going into a store and make a relaxing trip out of it.

Recently on a cup of jo, her friend had some nail stick-on's that look so good! I normally am not into glittery polish but I think I'm starting to feel it. You can buy on beauty.com as well.

I would love to find a blog that reviewed drug store finds (by someone I trust of course). I am in the search for a good dusty pink matte lipstick, but don't really want to spend the cash at the makeup counters, so I guess I have to start trying the drugstore!

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