Dip and Cut

If I had more time on my hands, i.e. if I wasn't in nursing school, I would like to spend more time crafting. I found curbly, a DIY blog and fell in love with some of their featured crafts. 

I have seen many crafts that use paint chips and love the ideas, but this is by far my favorite. I think I can squeeze this craft in somewhere, we need some art in our new place. She thought of it.

These spoons are similar to the moma spoons from an earlier post I put on my Christmas list (and didn't get). Tutorial.

Baskets dipped in paint! Find the Martha tutorial here.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with baskets... 
Growing up my mom loved baskets and plants, and more often than not, she combined the two. I always complained that we had too many and that I shouldn't be able to sit in any part of our home and be able to see 10 baskets filled with plants. 
Later on in life when I didn't live with my mom, I became fond of her basket/plant combos because she took such good care of the plants and they were all older than me. I even got teary eyed once when she threw away a plant that she got with my dad who passed 23 years ago (she took it a bit farther and made sure to poke holes in the garbage bag so it could breathe...). 
All that to say that there is now a soft spot for baskets in my life, and maybe I'll just have to do this craft and fill them with some plants!

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fairlight said...

can you do a DYI for these utensils? mmkay. thanks.