Steamer Cruises

Oceania Cruises has come out with a new ship, the Marina. I haven't been too interested in taking a cruise because I imagine them being like a trashy casino that floats, with buffet style food... BUT I love the water, and even more, I love boats! The Marina was described as "fit for an Old Hollywood screen set" in Travel & Leisure's article, and from the photo's it looks like a vintage steam boat (just huge of course). The deck has a heated saltwater pool, the activities include cooking and art classes, and the restaurants are full of world class chefs like Jacques Pepin. I NEED to go on this cruise, it just needs to happen. It sails Northern Europe in the summer, the Mediterranean in the fall, and the Caribbean in the winter. I think I would stay on it all year. A 10 day itinerary is from $1,499 (including airfare). 

To get in a "sailing around the Mediterranean in the Fall wearing amazing boat clothes" mood, I suggest watching "The Brothers Bloom".
See, look...
photo from here.

(The vintage steamer from the movie is for sale!)

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