Christmas time is here...

I'm loving Christmas here at our Love Cabin. 
It's so fun to see M enjoying it all, her first Christmas. We had to move all the ornaments up out of reach, she and kitty are a bad combination. Here are some photo's of our cozy place.

I think there was one Christmas where we did gifts, but all the others we haven't. 
This is another year where we don't do gifts, and I don't even mind! 
Not to be cheesy, but M is our gift this year. There is hours of entertainment watching her. She makes us so happy!

...and a photo from last Christmas-


Baby Names

A cup of Jo's blog post today got me thinking about baby names. I have an ongoing list of names that I come across and write them down. I've been working on this list for years now! Margot was on the list ever since The Royal Tenenbaums came out. We decided on a different spelling -AUX because it seemed more sophisticated and sexy. It's also pretty awesome that her first and last name end with an X. I always loved the -OT but felt it was more cutesy and was afraid of people saying MAR-GOT.

I have always loved the von Trapp family names.
(Especially the girls)