It was a sunny February day today, so Margaux and I went outside. I put on her new converse shoes from Uncle Kelly and I cannot believe how old she looked! I almost couldn't handle it, wondering how she got so big. When did it happen!? Thankfully she still has no hair, and looks a bit like a giant baby.

She went up and down the stairs over and over again (going down with my help). Every once in a while she plopped down on her bottom onto the wet ground but didn't seem to mind. We walked around and she picked up leaves, and followed kitty around the front.

It is so fun getting to know her in knew ways, seeing her world open up... but I do miss my baby Margaux. I can see how having babies becomes addicting, it is so special. I love this stage right now and every day I notice her doing something knew. She is a chatter box now, walking around and chattering. It's so cute.

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